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Optimize energy savings with our cost-effective solutions.

Your Energy Advocate.

What we do...


We'll champion your cause. Our unique position allows us to adeptly negotiate with suppliers, transferring as much risk as possible from your end to theirs.


Safeguarding your interests is our forte. We approach your business with the same level of diligence and care as we would for our own


Your time is precious. Our streamlined operation will handle all the intricate details, enabling you to concentrate on your core business activities. From liaising with billing services to collaborating with your team members, we gather essential account data to initiate action on your behalf.


We keep you informed about our progress through various channels such as online ERP, report launches, scheduled meetings, and communication platforms like Teams Chat/Email.

Multi-Family Portfolios

The EnergyLink helps achieve and maintain energy savings for your Multi-Family Properties.

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Expert Support

We provide superior personalized experiences to cater your unique needs.

Guaranteed Results

Our promise to you,

results that are guaranteed or we work for free.

Market Insights

We constantly monitor trends to keep you up to date with the best money saving strategies.

Timely Reporting

Prompt, in-depth reporting on performance based on your unique needs.


Our team leverages our supplier relationships to negotiate the best terms every time.

Premier Savings

We stand out by providing superior options for savings and operations enhancement.

Our Services

We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience that significantly enhances the financial aspect of your energy budget. Our team comprises seasoned experts with a collective experience of over 100 years in energy supplier management, trading, and brokerage. We are primed to swiftly deliver tangible outcomes. Our approach involves negotiating with premier suppliers on your behalf, utilizing our extensive industry knowledge to secure the most advantageous deals for you every single time.

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Camden Property Trust


Toro Properties Group


Stonemark Management

Their industry knowledge has allowed them to mitigate risks and reduce our electricity expenses. (The) EnergyLink has provided valuable assistance, is extremely knowledgeable in all energy markets and provides transparent management across our entire account.

You've saved us tens of thousands of real dollars; I would recommend that any professional property manager give you the opportunity to look at their energy contracts to see how you might save them money and make this process less painful.

We feel that your team has done an excellent job at explaining our options while minimizing the risk associated with the rising cost of energy. We would recommend anyone in our industry to use The EnergyLink as their designated energy managers.


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