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Solar Panels

Energy Procurement.

Strategic Planning for a Seamless Experience

Our Process

Baseline Analysis

We analyze your utility bills (electric and gas) to find lower tariff rates, billing errors, sales tax exemptions, and over charges.​

Strategic Plan​​​

We will identify these opportunities on your behalf, make appropriate changes and adjustments that will save you money monthly, and file for any possible refunds to maximize your audit results.

Creating RFPs and Negotiations

Each RFP comes with detailed Scorecard cost comparisons and information to help our customers make informed decisions. Our focus is to improve the Net Operating Income of your portfolio or property, making it more profitable and increasing its value.

Monitor and Adjust

The EnergyLink team has more than 100 years of combined experience negotiating energy rates and performing market analyses for our customers, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Obtain Superior Total Energy Procurement Solutions & Energy Risk Management Strategies from The EnergyLink

Energy procurement can be complex. The EnergyLink works with you to manage all aspects of risk and identify the most competitive cost saving opportunities related to natural gas and electric services. Our goal is to seamlessly lower your rates, while helping you to apply strategies for efficient cost management.

  • Together, we evaluate your current energy agreement terms, conditions and pricing to formulate the premier strategy to mitigate risk and uncover money saving opportunities. When it comes to Energy Procurement, there is no comparable alternative to The EnergyLink.​​

  • Deploying a plan involves our team of experts compiling RFPs, consistently monitoring market trends and analyzing pricing data to negotiate the most competitive rates for you. We will lock you in with the most favorable terms. Our experts use razor-like precision to achieve your financial objectives.

  • The EnergyLink provides prompt, executive-level reporting on the performance of your energy management strategies. We also provide additional reporting based on your individual, property specific needs. We strive to be more than just your energy specialists, but to be a true partner to help you manage your workflow and communications with all vendors.


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Together we evaluate your current energy agreements for terms, conditions and pricing to create a unique strategy designed to reduce risk and save money.


Deploying the plan begins with creating RFPs, monitoring trends and negotiating rates to lock you in with money saving plans.


Timely reporting on performance based on your specific property needs.

United States Energy

The EnergyLink is the premier destination for businesses looking to optimize their energy procurement process and reduce costs in deregulated markets.


Our team of experts is dedicated to providing clients with energy procurement solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We leverage our extensive industry experience and relationships with top utility providers to help businesses make the best decisions when it comes to their energy consumption.


Whether you're looking to implement cost-saving measures or secure the most favorable rates for your business,

The EnergyLink has you covered.

When you think Total Energy Procurement Solutions for your Multi-Family Portfolio or Commercial Industries, think The EnergyLink.

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